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Quality piano, violin & cello lessons

Hello, we're Doreti Music Academy. If your child has special interest in music - let us take care of that. We have been in business for more than 20 years in Australia. We're really good at it, you will see the result straight after the first lesson - we promise!

Who are we?

We are qualified piano, violin & cello teachers with many years of experience. We have special techniques to effectively delivery the best knowledge to our students in a short period of time.

Our missions

We lead students to AMEB & ANZCA exams with outstanding results. We pass on all the basic knowledge to our students making sure they can be independent and become teachers like us.

Who can enrol?

Music can benefit your child in many areas – language, maths, concentration and social skills. Giving your child the opportunity to learn music is the best gift you can give. Students can enrol at the age of 5.

Visit us

We are located in Mawson Lakes. If you think your child likes to play piano or violin - To find out more, please come to visit us for a 15 minute chat or give us a call on 0452 131 017

Our students and their parents love us

My three daughters have been learning piano + violin at this academy for more than 8 years and thoroughly enjoy their lessons.

Over the years, we have noticed that their music skills have significantly progressed. Now, not only are they able to play many beautiful pieces ...More
Our son has been in this academy for almost a year studying piano. We have seen great improvements in his understanding of music an ability to play the piano. Instructors at Doreti Music Academy are focused on teaching with patience and a good set of skills always doing 1:1 sessions with students ...More
Teachers at Doreti Music Academy has the ability to adapt and adjust their teaching as even though my piano lesson is online, their excellent communication skills and individualized attention has greatly helped me improve my understanding and appreciation of music.

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